Our way of doing business is bound in an irreversible way to environmental sustainability

In the spirit of the Kyoto protocol of 1997, Comistra works the protection of the present and future environment .

The consciousness and the awareness are the choices for Comistra to take care of the environment impact with targeted solutions in every department .

Comistra is one of the companies of the  GIDA  consortium born for the bio treatment of the water that allows to recover and reuse the wasted water .

A photovoltaic system has been set up to minimize CO2 emissions that are created by the production process with multiple benefits from  environmental, energy and economic point of view.

The use of the solar power gives a part of the needed power for the company operations .

A modern dust reduction  system allows the removal of perfectly purified air into the atmosphere.

COMISTRA is GRS certified

The GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD ( GRS) responds to the need to provide an environmental declaration verified by a third party that proves:

  • the content of recycled materials for both intermediate and finished products.
  • the compliance with environmental and social criteria.