The Company

Comistra’s roots history starts in the textile Prato district by his founder Rolando Tesi in 1951. Specialized ,since the beginning, in the raw materials marketing and transformation . In the 80’s , with his children Fabrizio and Cinzia , they start a very important investment in innovation ,technology and research : a winning choice in a very delicate moment for the wool textile district .

They introduced high technology machineries to transform the products in a shorter time with the goal to achieve a better quality control . Still today the family continues to be the beating heart of the company and with love and passion they add, to the old raw materials marketing , the production of yarns and textiles . The pride of the company is to have a carbonizing and water ragging complete plant that is one of the few left in the world .

All of above in one only production cycle and made in Italy .

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"Recycling not for fashion, but for responsibility towards the environment and towards the people who belong to it."